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Our local Rotary Clubs and Andersen Corporation packed the 1,000,000th Rotary Feeds Meal earlier this summer!

The Rotarians have been sponsoring Rotary Feeds packing events since 2011. The rice based meal bags are full of nutrients and are distributed globally, nationally, and locally for general hunger relief and in the event of natural disasters. Rotary Feeds meal bags are regularly provided to Stepping Stones for distribution through the food pantry. Thanks so much to the Rotary Clubs and all their packing partners, as well as ConAgra which provides storage and local transportation! Thank you to:

The Rotary Clubs of Menomonie have operated their Rotary Feeds project franchise since 2011. In 2015, the Chippewa Valley After Hours club joined the partnership to serve the hunger needs of western Wisconsin and internationally.

The project’s purpose has been to:

  • Implement a hands-on project that carries a local and an international impact.
  • Coordinate a community keystone project to engage area service-minded groups and gain more understanding of the Rotary organization and its mission.
  • Create and sustain a strong, community volunteer humanitarian food-aid organization.

Rotary Feeds’ mission is to reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world. Community, service and corporate volunteers come together to assemble prepackaged meals that only require boiling water to prepare. These meals consist of a nutritionally complex, vitamin-fortified, well-balanced soy-rice mix.

The Rotary Feeds project, through the work and support of Rotary Clubs of Menomonie and the Chippewa Valley After Hours Rotary Club, in partnership with service-minded volunteers, has packed more than 700,000 meals in its efforts to eradicate hunger.

If you’d like to become a financial supporter or learn more about hosting or participating in a packaging event, contact:


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